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Monday, November 9, 2020

Biden beats Trump

Biden beats Trump was the consensus everywhere. I voted for Biden, not because I am a fan of Biden, but because I just don’t like Trump. I didn’t always dislike Trump. And although I didn’t vote for him or Hillary, I thought, well, maybe he will do good. Unfortunately, he has caused an unprecedented divide among Americans and nations.


I stopped watching the news and completely disconnected from what was happening in our world because I felt that there was nothing I could do to stop the corruption. I decided to go and live my life and focus on my writing. People would ask me how is it possible that you didn’t hear about this or that and I would say, I don’t follow the news because what’s the point when even the media manipulates the truth. For me, this type of mentality didn’t come without a reason. 



I lost interest in news and politics when they shredded Ross Perot, threatened him and pushed him to quit. I lost interest in news and politics when the media hardly gave any air time to Ron Paul and reported faulty numbers and the USPS delivered my mail late on purpose – they delivered my lawn banners and other items in support of Ron Paul after the primaries were over and when I did received them, all the materials had been stepped on, broken and dirty. I lost interest in politics when the democratic party rigged Bernie’s votes and cheated him out of the presidency. The polls indicated that if Sanders had gone against Trump, he would have won. So, when Hillary lost to Trump, I thought that the democrats deserved it. They had cheated and replaced a winnable candidate with an unlikable one. 



Because of the manipulation of votes and corruption, I stopped voting. I just didn’t see the point. Even voting for measures was a joke. I would do my homework, research the measures, and vote. But soon some bill would pass and turn the measure over. So, what was the point in me spending my time on something that was simply a waste of time? I wasn’t going to vote this year either. But everyone around me told me that I had to vote. They said that we need to get rid of Trump. I agreed with them, but would my vote even matter? I mean, it could have gone either way and Trump may have won. So, why did he lose? Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that he lost because he was toxic for the country and for the rest of the world. 


I think that those in power realized that the United States would fall apart if it continued under another four years of Trump. People protested on the streets, a dark energy hovered across America and Covid-19 destroyed lives and livelihoods. The friendly relationship with other countries soon took a bitter turn. I believe that Sanders said it best in an interview with the Guardian – that the U.S is moving further and further away from our democratic allies and shifting toward authoritarian governments. 



So, did my measly vote make a difference? I do not know. A part of me thinks that we are all pawns in the game of life and yet another part of me likes to believe in free will and pushing to make a difference. Either way, I’m glad that I voted and my faith in the possibility of change has been restored a smidgen.