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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Memorial Day weekend

My Memorial Day weekend was nice and relaxing. Although I didn’t get to sleep in because I was busy socializing, I did have quiet moments. There was hardly any traffic, the sky looked blue instead of muddy, the stores had light crowds and I got to see my friends over breakfast, late lunch and a cup of CafĂ© Mocha. Below are a few highlights and photos. 

My family and I celebrated my niece’s birthday. It was a blast.

Hooked up with a friend to go see Star Trek – Into Darkness at the Century City Imax in 3D. and Lovvvveeeedddd it!!!!! Was even better than the last one, if that’s even possible. Has a strong political theme referring back to the truth behind 911, the wrath of revenge and war, the stupidity of some leaders and the cost to human life. The movie is fast paced and the entire time my friend and I were sitting at the edge of our seats. This is definitely a must see even if you don’t like sci-fi. 


Had breakfast with two friends at Le Pain Quotidien in Beverly Hills. 

Spent a mall-hopping Monday with my rowdy nieces. Their mom told me that she needed a break and I gladly took over her task. Really enjoy my time with them. My nieces are shopaholics. After this photo, we took a break for lunch and then continued our mall hopping. btw- the customized Bieber cap and the pink purse were part of their shopping spree.

Pictures at the photo booth of Forever 21. This store is pretty interesting. I see kids younger than my nieces to 60-something-years-old shopping at the store. Go figure...

At the grove. After hours of hunting and shopping - Nike sweat shirt, Amercian Girl Doll acessories and phone covers. They ran out of their money and cleaned out my wallet. I was left with a credit card for gas and $1 in my pocket. Time to head back home…