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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Takashita dori, Harajuku

Here are pictures of the places that I talk about in my book. Takashita dori, a crowded street in Harajuku, caters to the younger generation. In order to break away from everyday life, and show off their individuality, and fashion sense, young Japanese dress in funky clothes.

This is Purikura, a photo sticker booth. It’s a fun place to take pictures and add characters and stickers to your photo.

The inside of what it looks like.

Here are some pictures I took with Mari. Obviously, I don’t look anything like this, but you can see how you can change your features and make yourself look different. The buttons to make the changes were in Japanese. Mari did all the modifications.

And just for fun, here is what happens when you’re stuck in a crowd.