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Monday, January 28, 2008

Vote with knowledge

Okay, so I was going to keep my mouth shut and not discuss my political views on this blog. But you know, I’m really tired of all the lies and corruption that’s going on. It is understandable that you may agree more with one candidate over another. But wouldn’t you want to make a decision by having all the information available to you? Because in case you didn’t know, you haven’t heard every candidate’s point of view.

Corporate media is making your decision for you. They give air time to mainstream candidates and exclude the rest. This type of reporting manipulates your votes by ignoring candidates who represent what people want. Americans voted for peace and yet America is still at war and will remain so indefinitely. Americans voted for jobs, a steady market and economic growth and yet our economy has never been worse off.

Ron Paul, a Republican candidate who believes in the constitution and who has been snubbed by the media, said during an interview in
Seattle that we need major changes to get out of our deep debt. Federal Reserves' interest reduction will not help our economy and tax rebates may work temporarily but will fail long term. Pumping money into the economy by printing more money or borrowing is what got us into trouble the first time around.

We need to cut back spending, reduce taxes and let the market run its course without Federal Reserve artificially reducing the interest rates. We can cut spending by changing our foreign policy and stop policing the world. We can save more than a trillion dollar by bringing our troops home from
Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and other countries and secure our borders. Currently the war in Iraq is costing $275 million per day. We need limited government. We need to open dialog with all countries, negotiate and do business with them. We need to keep jobs at home instead of sending them outside.

If you want to hear more about what Ron Paul has to say, listen to his most recent interview in Seattle. What surprised me most was that the interview took place at Fox Seattle which is nothing like the big bad wolf FOX Los Angeles. I know it’s shocking; please try not to fall off your chairs.