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Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Cap and Tax" aka "Cap and Trade" Bill

On the surface, the cap and trade bill seems as though it’s an effort to tackle climate change but the legislation which is over 1000 pages long is filled with obscure language in order to confuse the politicians and the public. Waxman of California who rarely represents the needs of “Californians” told News Week: “Today we have taken decisive and historic action to promote America’s energy security and to create millions of clean energy jobs that will drive our economic recovery and long-term growth.” And to that I say, Mr. Waxman, did you read all 1000 pages? If not, please don’t speak.

The Cap and Trade Bill, as explained by Campaign for liberty, should be labeled as “Cap and Tax” and if passed, it will give our government unprecedented control over the private sector and our lives. They would be able to ask that you change the way you live by forcing you to use government-approved light bulbs, refrigerators, water heaters, toilets and etc. Then the government will send around federal officials into your homes to make sure you comply.

You may say, so what? It’s good for the environment. Bzzzz…It’s another way for the government to push for control of their citizens and residents. This Bill specifically authorizes intrusive home visits by the U.S government. They will enter your homes and snoop thorough your closets, basements, attics and everywhere else they want. Had Mr. Waxman of California bothered reading all 1000 pages of the obscure language on the bill, he would know that. Or perhaps he already knows but doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the government sticking their nose into the average citizens’ business.

I mean really…do we need more threats to our liberties? As it is, we have the horrible Patriot act that we’re still trying to get rid of. So, please…please…speak up against this bill or soon we will have no liberties left.