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Monday, November 14, 2022

Tokyo Okonomiyaki

I would like to share some of my experiences of when I traveled to Japan. Japan is a great country that offers something for everyone. It’s a mélange of tradition, modern times and futuristic experiences for all ages. 












I was at this restaurant in Tokyo with Masae, my tour guide.











This place is in Asakusa near Sensoji Temple. In The American outsider, Toshiro hangs out with Tessa near the area where this restaurant is located.












Masae and I took our shoes off and went upstairs. 



On her second day in Tokyo, Tessa is writing to Bruna about how much she loves vegetarian Okonomiyake—a savory Japanese pancake. Here, Masae is adding mayo from a special jar to the Okonomiyake we are sharing. I based my character Akira after Masae because Masae is so down-to-earth and easy going.















The servers were absolutely wonderful.



I was the only gaijin in the restaurant. I don’t recall if they had an English menu. Massae ordered for us.








This restaurant had Horigotatsu—tables that sat low to the ground with a recessed floor underneath it. We sat on Japanese floor chairs and our feet dangled down the recessed floor where there used to be heaters to keep the feet warm during wintertime.