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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Gerson Institute

Photograph by: jscreationzs

I spent three weeks with my mom at The Gerson Institute in Mexico. Our experiences have been amazing and hard to explain in one blog post. But because all that I have learned will be helpful to many with cancer and other diseases, I'll give a short version for now. We learned that cancer is curable without drugs, chemo or surgery. In fact, the majority of diseases are curable without putting unnecessary chemicals in your body. My mom’s cancer therapy has been intense physically, psychologically and emotionally. Before agreeing to accompany my mother there, I had no idea about the many difficulties and obstacles I would face. I just thought it’s simply a nutritional therapy. How difficult can that possibly be? Boy, was I wrong!

Saying that the Gerson therapy is labor intensive would be an understatement. On the positive side, they have a 100% success rate as long you follow their program, never modify it and do exactly as they tell you. Before going to Gerson, my brother did a lot of research regarding their program and forwarded his findings to me. After watching documentary after documentary of recovering patients, I soon became convinced that their program works. Up to date, I have seen slow and steady improvements in my mom’s health.

The toughest part about coming back home has been dealing with doctors who don’t understand the Gerson program and make every possible effort to force you to do things their way. Even some friends and family members criticize you. I just tell them to do their own research about Gerson, and then come and talk to me. But they continue to offer their unwanted advice because they’re either too lazy to learn, or because they have been brain washed by the faulty information fed to them their entire lives.

If any of you are interested in learning more about how to survive cancer and other diseases without chemicals and surgery, you may visit I’m planning to continue blogging when possible. As most of you know, I’m still taking care of my mom and my time is very limited. So, Please be patient with me.