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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dark Nights in Downtown L.A

Dark Nights in Downtown L.A take place at L.A Live. There’s music, cheap parking, cool performers and food discounts. And since I live nearby, I walked over with some friends to check it out.

One of the vendors said that it takes place every month, but it seems that they take place sporadically because the last one was on August 24. I attended the one on October 3rd.

There are artists spray painting their creations, venders who make their own jewelry and musicians playing music from the 50s era to jazz and rock.

Performers and dancers encourage the crowd to participate, and some restaurants have $5 Happy Hour appetizers and drinks. One of my friends bought a handmade necklace and I picked out a bracelet.

Taking pictures was not easy because of the crowd, but I managed to steal a few. So, keep a look out for the next one. It’s interesting to go see it at least once.